Outsourcing is the next step for higher resilience and cost reductions across your IT infrastructure. Tailor made solutions for all sizes of company


We have at your disposal a dedicated team of professionals who have developed a plethora of solutions and are ready to implement your bespoke application, website or mobile application.


Having mission critical systems and servers you need a 24/7 support solution, with Pay&Go and short contract options we can provide the support when your in-house IT Team go offline.


To discuss any IT Related matters from Servers to Development, or from Outsourcing or Recruitment to keep indie growing feel free to contact us for a chat or to organize a consultation.

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We work differently here at Acusu, we listen to our clients needs discuss all options and then suggest saving money by reducing their requirements from day one by planning ahead for the future. We can then spend time looking at the best infrastructure and support solution that helps save money from day one.

Using our bespoke development skills we can provide applications to enhance any company to utilize data in the best way possible.
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